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The Playbook


Resembling a standard group plan, our Platinum Level PPO strategically positions you within a community of over 1.7 million like-minded individuals, united through an association. Although this structure may resemble a group tailored for small businesses, it frequently proves to be significantly more cost-effective.


Consider this as an alternative perspective on the concept of catastrophic coverage within a Major PPO network. It’s an excellent method to economize while ensuring the safety of you and your family, with the added benefit of optional low maximum out-of-pocket expenses.


At only $89 a month, this is a great way to keep your family or your business
covered for accidents at a remarkably low rate.

Our Process


15 Minute Review

Once you’ve scheduled a call, anticipate a seamless and stress-free 15-minute review.. Our goal is to ensure that we tailor a plan precisely suited to your needs, whether it’s for you, your business, or your family. During this call, you can expect a relaxed environment, free from any undue pressure. Take all the time you need to explore the plan options presented to you, allowing for a thorough examination and informed decision-making process.


The Application Process:

Once you’ve chosen the suitable plan and insurance company, we proceed with a straightforward 15-minute call to facilitate the application process. Given our commitment to representing you throughout the entire plan, we collaborate during the application, utilizing our telephone and screen share application for a seamless submission process, usually handled by our team on your behalf.


Continued Support

Upon the successful completion of your application and acceptance into the
insurance program, you not only retain continuous support from your Healthcare Heinsman agent but also receive a dedicated customer service liaison. Our commitment extends to overseeing your well-being in dealings with doctors, hospitals, insurance
providers, and pharmaceutical companies, ensuring that your best interests are
always a top priority.