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Frequently Asked Questions

No charges at all! Consider us as a facilitator connecting clients with the insurance company that suits their needs. If a successful match is made and both parties are satisfied, the insurance company compensates us for representing you.
Upon departing from a company, the former employee typically possesses the entitlement to 18 months of COBRA, maintaining the identical plan they had during employment. There are no new insurance cards issued, and the deductible does not reset. However, the significant difference lies in the fact that the former employee is now solely responsible for the entire payment, without the company's subsidy. Previously, the employer often covered at least 50% of the employee's insurance payment, occasionally extending assistance to family payments. We recommend opting for COBRA if you are presently undergoing treatment or have already met your yearly deductible. In situations where only one family member requires ongoing treatment, maintaining COBRA coverage solely for that individual is often the most cost-effective choice. The drawbacks include the usually high cost and the limited duration of one and a half years. For those in good health, we can often create a comparable plan at a more competitive price without an expiration date.
Specializing in cost reduction, our expert team is dedicated to providing affordable solutions for individuals, small businesses, and households. Our comprehensive healthcare coverage includes Health, Dental, Vision, and Simple Accident coverage tailored to meet the needs of both individuals and teams.
While it's accurate that many states lack PPO plans through the government or ACA Marketplace, the majority offer private PPOs through leading industry names. However, departing from federal and state plans requires careful consideration of the trustworthiness of alternative options. During your consultation, the Healthcare Heinsman team of agents will streamline and clarify the differences to ensure you make an informed decision.
We take pride in extending our coverage to customers across the majority of the continental United States. The specific plans we specialize in are currently accessible in 36 out of the 48 lower states.
Our aim is to not only simplify but also make the process of obtaining an insurance quote enjoyable and straightforward. Click the "Contact Us" button below to schedule a no-obligation consultation of your needs and options. Our Health Advisors are here to assist you in determining the coverage that best suits your needs and budget. Upon receiving your request, we'll promptly reach out to confirm your free appointment.
Absolutely not! We can generally assist you at any time of the year, regardless of the traditional open enrollment periods you may be accustomed to.